Automated token, crypto and fiat transaction processing

NEXUS is an end-to-end SaaS solution to easily integrate public and private blockchain infrastructure into your business.

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IoT Payments: bringing economy into the Internet of Things

QUASAR enables instant and compliant peer-to-peer (micro) transactions and settlement between devices. Turn your internet-connected devices into (pay-per-use) monetizing services.

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Our Passion

To create secure and reliable solutions which help drive transformative innovation in decentralising markets.

Trusted since 2015 by industry leaders, such as:

  • We are extremely happy with Quantoz as a partner for our operations ... always professional, always comprehensive and the progress in your system overall makes us very comfortable
    Alexander Hansson
    Quickbit (COO)
  • NEXUS is exactly the system we need to expand into the growing B2C market for digital currencies
    Niklas Nikolajsen
    Bitcoin Suisse (Co-CEO, Chairman and Founder)
  • As part of our TechMNxt charter, Tech Mahindra is focused on leveraging Blockchain to create disruptive solutions and provide enhanced experience to our customers globally. Our collaboration with Quantoz is a step in that direction, as it will enable our customers, for instance, automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) become a payment gateway, triggering new revenue streams through aftermarket ecosystem.
    Rajesh Dhuddu
    Global Practice Leader, Blockchain, Tech Mahindra
  • I personally like the fact that NEXUS has been built with compliance in mind. It basically means that NEXUS applies our compliance rules automatically.
    Roberta Gaddoni
    HappyCoins (Compliance Officer)

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