Want to use Stablecoins for your business? Try our off-the-shelf cloud platform.

Benefit from blockchain technology without the need for an expensive team of in-house experts.

Platform Features


A technical and legal compliant platform. All transactions and operations are fully traceable. The solution is built from the ground up to comply with regulatory KYC / AML onboarding processes.

Proven Technology

The stable coins platform has been in operation since 2015 and configured to meet the client's goals and business processes. It is deployed off the shelf and reduces the costs, complexity and risks of developing in-house solution.


The total number of stablecoins in circulation can be backed by assets held in reserve.

Fully Auditable

To verify that the fiat collateral reserve corresponds to the issued stablecoins to ensure the pegged value. The solution offers fully auditable bookkeeping between fiat and token transactions.


The platform comes with an intuitive interface, which does not require any previous knowledge or technical skills regarding things as digital wallets, crypto trading or crypto handling.

Closed-loop setup

The configuration can be limited to issuance of private stablecoins for a limited network. Under PSD II this type of stablecoin can be issued without an e-money license.

Stablecoin Benefits

No Volatility

Benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrency without the volatity risk

Gateway to Traditional Finance

Interface between the traditional financial and the crypto-asset markets


Speed up settlement times for international transactions


Low transaction fees and protection from local currency crashes

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