Start issuing your own stablecoin today

Fast payments

Stablecoin payments are instantaneous and irreversible

Extremely low transaction fees

Transaction fees are <0,0001, enabling you to make and receive micropayments

No volatility

Benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrency without the volatity

Platform Features


A technical and legal compliant platform. All transactions and operations are fully traceable. The solution is built from the ground up to comply with regulatory KYC / AML onboarding processes.

Proven Technology

The stablecoin solution runs on NEXUS. NEXUS is our platform for automated token, crypto and fiat transaction processing. It connects traditional financial infrastructure to public and private blockchains and has been in production since 2015.


The total number of stablecoins in circulation can be backed by assets held in reserve.

Fully Auditable

To verify that the fiat collateral reserve corresponds to the issued stablecoins to ensure the pegged value. The solution offers fully auditable bookkeeping between fiat and token transactions.


The platform comes with an intuitive interface, which does not require any previous knowledge or technical skills regarding things as digital wallets, crypto trading or crypto handling.

Closed-loop setup

The configuration can be limited to issuance of private stablecoins for a limited network. Under PSD II this type of stablecoin can be issued without an e-money license.

Supported by NEXUS: the reliable backend of SCaaS

Stablecoin as a Service (SCaaS)

In response to the demand for transparent and compliant stablecoins, the SCaaS solution was created as a joint offering by Bank Frick, BDO and Quantoz.


Blockchain-based loyalty programs

Start building your own loyalty program today to increase customer engagement, grow the value of your network and create new revenue streams.

Free PDF

SCaaS loyalty program

In this whitepaper we will consider how the StableCoin as a Service (SCaaS) solution can be used to build and manage a successful loyalty program ecosystem.


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