The SPUR protocol is integrated in our QUASAR solution for IoT payments and extends the platform's functionality by also providing for secure, instant payments to non-connected 'things'.

secure payments with unsafe relay

In 2017 Quantoz was granted a patent for a protocol enabling Secure Payments with Unsafe Relay (SPUR).

Our innovation concerns a technological process for doing electronic payments, consisting of a method based on asymmetric cryptography and using technology standards for exchanging data over short and long distances.


No Fees

No transaction fees or monthly fixed fees for POS terminals. This also enables micro-payments for micro-services.

Open APIs

Build your own applications on top of the SPUR protocol.

Incredibly secure

SPUR uses asymmetric cryptography, a technology derived from the crypto-currency.

Instant Payments

SPUR Payments are instant and irreversible. No charge-backs.

For Everyone and Everything

You do not need a bank account or credit card to be able to make or receive a SPUR payment.

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