Companies such as Meta and Microsoft are defining the metaverse as the next phase of the internet. Online experiences will be augmented by AR and VR and value will be transferred using blockchain technology.
We help you bring economy into your Metaverse!

Connecting real and virtual worlds

Fast settlement and low transaction fees

Compliant and transparent

Powering Metaverse/Web3 applications

Our NEXUS technology connects traditional financial infrastructure with Metaverse / WEB3 applications. NEXUS enables frictionless, compliant payments between consumers, devices, merchants, DeFi and even to buy virtual real estate. We help you bring economy into your Metaverse!

Easy integration

You can develop your own browser- and mobile WEB3 wallets using our APIs and open source applications to create QR codes that can be scanned to make a payment to a wallet.

On/off ramp to your metaverse economy

NEXUS creates a safe and stable money solution to enable investments in the metaverse. Our solution provides a ramp-on ramp-off service for the Metaverse. Users can buy and sell digital euros for WEB3 payments without being exposed to volatility risks.

Green technology

We have built our technology by partnering with carbon-negative blockchains such as Algorand and Stellar. With NEXUS you can issue carbon neutral metaverse tokens.


Transaction fees

The issuer pays the fee for transactions of stablecoins issued through NEXUS, increasing the convenience for all users. They do not need to bother with cryptocurrencies. The transactions are instantly settled, and merchants are not exposed to chargebacks.

Token Issuance & Management Platform

We provide a secure, compliant tokenization infrastructure, NEXUS. You can connect to NEXUS through our APIs.

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