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NEXUS, our platform for automated token, crypto and fiat transaction processing, enables you to start offering a variety of cryptocurrency services, such as brokerage, merchant or custodian services.

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Compliant, safe and reliable crypto-backend

Easy to integrate

Quantoz transfers its cryptocurrency related activities to Dicutech

Quantoz has transferred its cryptocurrency-related activities to a new company, Dicutech N.V., effectively from 1st April 2022.
These activities include the NEXUS crypto brokerage- and custodian services and the HappyCOINS services registered with DNB.

We invite you to visit the new Dicutech website!

Dicutech website

Our software supports the following models:

Broker model

We support companies in launching their own cryptocurrency brokerage business. Our solution supports ‘buy only’ or buy and sell transactions and enables both internal and external pricing.

Custodian model

We enable companies to provide customers with a secure crypto saving/investing service. All buy and sell transactions of the customers are virtual off chain transactions.

Merchant model

We enable companies to provide merchants with crypto as an (online) payment method. Customers send crypto to a specific payment address (within a defined timeslot) and merchants receive a payout in fiat.

Trading model

We provide companies with native crypto liquidity by connecting with multiple exchanges. Our trading algorithms automate reserve positions with minimal price and counterparty risk through automated crypto position balancing.

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White label Crypto brokerage platforms
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happyCOINS is a cryptocurrency brokerage service and a subsidiary company of Quantoz. It is registered with the Dutch National Bank (DNB) and uses our ISO 27001 certified NEXUS technology to make it easy, quick and safe for consumers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat.

happyCOINS successfully registered with the Dutch National Bank


Easy Coins

The Easy Coins platform allows residents of Oman to buy and sell cryptocurrency locally and is the first non-custodial crypto provider in the Middle East. With NEXUS, it enables users to access Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar using Omani riyals through the local payment method Thawani.

Easy Coins launches cryptocurrency brokerage platform in Oman

Easy Coins

Platform features

Intuitive user interface

No technical skills are needed to operate the system. The platform includes a 24/7 health status dashboard with comprehensive overviews of system status, including servers, API calls, transactions, wallets and connections to exchanges.

User interface
Cost efficient infrastructure

Cost efficient infrastructure

NEXUS is built on robust technology. The platform provides a competitive cost efficient infrastructure for wallet and blockchain database management.

Comprehensive set of APIs

NEXUS enables you to directly start integrating tokens into your business while maintaining focus on your core competence. It comes with a comprehensive set of APIs for integration with backend systems, web-pages and apps.

Comprehensive APIs

Compliant customer management

NEXUS includes tools for customer management (AML, KYC, fraud prevention). For instance, it generates compliance reports accepted by an AA- (Fitch rating) bank. All fiat- and token transactions and operations are fully traceable and auditable.

Instant fiat and crypto transactions

NEXUS offers interfaces with multiple payment methods, including credit card, Sofort, GiroPay and iDEAL to enable integration with existing financial (fiat) banking systems.

Risk management

NEXUS comes with advanced trading algorithms that minimize volatility & counter party risks through automated crypto position balancing.


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