Out of 677 applications, Quantoz is amongst the 7 finalists for the startup contest of the biggest tech conference in CEE. On Wednesday the 30th of September, we will have the honour of presenting QUASAR, our IoT payments solution, to a jury of experienced investors and industry experts.

Utrecht (NL) – Quantoz is participating in the Infoshare Startup Contest 2020 with its IoT payment solution QUASAR. Out of 677 applications, Quantoz was picked to be one of the 100 quarter finalists. With the 90-second video shown below, Quantoz made it into the semi finals.

During the semi finals, Quantoz’ co-founder Henri de Jong held a 3 minute pitch that got Quantoz to be amongst the 7 finalists for the startup contest of the biggest tech conference in CEE. During the finals, Quantoz will battle with some of the most promising start-ups and scale-ups in the whole of Europe.

QUASAR, our IoT payments solution for instant and compliant payments between devices, enterprises and people enables the integration of internet connected devices into existing financial infrastructures. Devices can directly be paid for their services while autonomously paying for maintenance and materials. Hereby, they are no longer cost centres, but become profit centres. This way, rather than selling individual devices, enterprises can start offering sustainable, efficient and customer-centric services based on those devices.

You can read more about QUASAR here. For further information, please feel free to reach out to Henri de Jong at henri@quantoz.com.

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Event by: Quantoz Blockchain Technology
Where: Online
When: 27 June 13:00 CET