We are very pleased and excited to share that professor Ron Berndsen is appointed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of our new business entity Quantoz Payments B.V..

Utrecht (NL) – It is a privilege for Quantoz to bring onboard Ron with decades of experience in various functions in the financial markets. We are sure that his experience, network and enthusiasm will positively impact Quantoz Payments and the service it will provide to her clients.

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Ron Berndsen is full Professor of Financial Market Infrastructures and Systemic Risk, Tilburg School of Economics and Management at Tilburg University. Ron is also an independent director on the board of LCH and serves as chair of LCH Limited and LCH SA’s Risk Committees. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures and a member of the Advisory Council of the SWIFT Institute. Ron held several high-profile roles at De Nederlandsche Bank from 1992, in Economic and Monetary Policy, Head of Oversight of Payment and Securities Settlement Systems and finally acting as Head of Market Infrastructures Policy. He also served as a Member of the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures and the ECB’s Market Infrastructure Board. Besides, he co-chaired the FSB Group on Cross-Border Crisis Management for Financial Market Infrastructures. Ron was awarded a doctorate of Tilburg University in 1992 for his PhD thesis in the area of Economics and Artificial Intelligence.

Ron Berndsen said: “It is a pleasure for me to join Quantoz Payments, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, a fintech company that wants to tokenise the economy. The Stablecoins solutions that Quantoz Payments offers are blockchain-based with a solid connection to fiat currency, not cryptocurrency.”

With Quantoz Payments, Quantoz becomes a full-service digitized money payment provider with a European e-money license for specific payment use cases such as machine to machine payments. Quantoz Payments will provide its partners the ability to easily integrate digitized money into their business so that they can create and manage their own financial ecosystem.

Nick Haasnoot, CEO of Quantoz N.V.: “By providing a full-service model, including the Quantoz backend technology, an e-money license and compliance procedures, Quantoz Payments removes the entrance barriers for new partners. Partners no longer need to arrange their own permits and licenses, build a compliance organization and develop their frontend technology, but can focus on marketing their value proposition to customers. We are happy and honoured that Ron has joined us in this new business venture and we are convinced that his contribution will help Quantoz Payments become an established and successful player in the payments industry.”

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