NEXUS wallet infrastructure

Custodial and Non-Custodial Wallet Solutions:

NEXUS wallet infrastructure offers a range of wallet services that empower operators to cater to diverse market requirements. Operators have the flexibility to provide their clients with either custodial or non-custodial wallets, based on their specific needs and preferences.

Custodial Wallets:

With our custodial wallet solution, operators have the capability to collect essential customer information, including Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. This allows for the connection of a real person’s identity, whether they are a legal entity or an individual, to a specific blockchain address. Additionally, operators can facilitate the seamless integration of a bank account with a blockchain address.

Non-Custodial Wallets:

For operators seeking a different approach, our non-custodial wallet services enable customers to hold and manage their blockchain keys independently. These wallets offer a self-sovereign solution, giving customers full control over their digital assets and the associated blockchain addresses. While operators still have access to customer information for KYC and banking purposes.

NEXUS Token Issuance

Tokens issued by the NEXUS token issuance platform share some of the same capabilities offered to the issuer of e-money tokens such as:

Customer onboarding:

For token customer onboarding, we offer the same services to our asset token issuers as we do to money token issuers.

The operator of the NEXUS token issuance receives a notification through his portal that a new customer would like to sign up for his service. The customer uploads their identity documents. The operator is then able to check the authenticity of the documents and match the information with pre-loaded sanction lists (OFAC, EU, UN). If the operator decides to allow the client to join the ecosystem, he is then allowed to move to the next steps.

Blockchain address whitelisting:

Once the essential onboarding processes are successfully completed, the token issuer within the NEXUS ecosystem gains the ability to whitelist blockchain addresses associated with customers. This whitelisting enables customers to hold tokens issued. By linking the customer’s blockchain address to their identity, NEXUS ensures transparency and accountability in token ownership.

Within our NEXUS token infrastructure, we prioritize robust security protocols to maintain a compliant and trustworthy environment. In the event of an asset swap transaction between two parties, our system diligently scans the names of the transaction participants. If any of the names involved in the transaction appear on a sanction list, the transaction is immediately blocked, and the blockchain address associated with the sanctioned participant is also blocked. This strict adherence to sanction lists helps prevent illicit activities and ensures regulatory compliance.

NB: If the token issuer wants to exchange his asset tokens against a money token that has been issued through NEXUS, the address whitelisting can be carried from the e-money tokens.

Token Taxonomy:

NEXUS token issuance offers its users the ability to attach a taxonomy description to their tokens. Token taxonomies are JSON files stored on a public database and accessible via a URL published on the blockchain. The taxonomy can be used to inform the token holders of their rights and obligations, and the characteristics of the underlying asset the token is meant to track.

Further information on the token taxonomy and the issuance of tokens can be found on this YouTube link.

NEXUS OTC/ DVP and Exchange services

OTC / DVP platform

NEXUS supports blockchain that natively supports atomic swaps, or Delivery Versus Payments (DVP). NEXUS OTC platform collects the buy and sell transactions from the trading parties and submits them as one atomic transaction to the blockchain. By doing so NEXUS OTC platform guarantees that either both transactions succeed or none of them do, reducing counterparty risk. This removes the technical need for custodians and centralized counterparts. A video demonstrating a Delivery Versus Payments transaction is available on the Quantoz YouTube channel.

Exchange services

On Stellar:

Stellar offers native order book support and so if the Exchange operator would want to support the exchange of assets on Stellar, NEXUS exchange services would help them to connect their traders to the platform with all the required technical infrastructure.

On Algorand and other Smart contract blockchains:

If the operator of the exchange would like to offer exchange services on the Algorand blockchain, our team of engineers can build purpose-specific smart contact decentralized exchanges to support their needs.

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