In this article, we introduce you to the idea of digital medicine’ in the Metaverse and explain how our IoT payment, and our Stablecoin as a service (SCaaS) solutions can be used to enable new business models to empower these new services.

The idea of the metaverse has captivated the imagination of the entire world. With a promise of revolutionary technology that can have a profound effect on the world, comparable to the introduction of mobile phones. Experts expect the augmentation of the internet through AR/VR technology, commonly referred to as the Metaverse, to have a profound impact on every industry.

One industry where the application of Metaverse technology, is expected to have a positive impact is Medicine. With the Covid-19 pandemic barely behind us, the world has experienced the fragility of our current healthcare systems. Around the world hospitals and clinics were overwhelmed and patients with chronic diseases were no longer able to get the regular treatment needed to manage their illness. This has brought to light the importance of remote treatment for patients that are sometimes unable to reach the healthcare centers. This accelerated the investment in e-health, especially in the field of ‘Medicine Internetinternet of Things’ (MIoT). However, a lot of technological development still needs to happen before we can live in a world where most medical care is delivered through the Metaverse.

Experts in the medical field divide the development of Medicine in the Metaverse into four phases that will follow the evolution of technology. Those phases are holographic construction, holographic simulation, fusion of virtual and real, and finally virtual-real linkage.

The first step, named holographic construction, is the closest one to reality and is mostly concerned with being able to build a visual representation of the real world. The visual representation can include hospitals, medical equipment, medical staff, and patients with the goal of being able to collect dynamic data and information generated from the interactions between people.

Simply said, our first step into the medical metaverse will consist of us interacting with the MIoT which will transmit our data over the internet to medical staff. This is any type of wearable device that can be used to measure heart rate, breathing, sleep patterns, blood pressure, and any other data that is relevant for remote medical analysis. This data will be then transmitted to parties that can analyze it, make their diagnosis and, if possible, perform minimal remote interventions using the wearable MIoT device.

We can imagine the new use cases that can be enabled through this technology and how such advancements can help with the delivery of critical healthcare to remote and underdeveloped areas.

Quantoz has developed its own proprietary IoT payment solution that can be used to unleash such business models. and the application of our IoT solution in combination with our Stablecoin as a Service (SCaas) can help you create a healthy economy in your Medical Metaverse.

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