In May 2020 we have jointly launched StableCoin as a Service (SCaaS), a software solution for companies to issue their own digital stablecoin. This solution also supports a loyalty program implementation, a new and improved way to build and manage a successful loyalty program. You can find more information about this in the following post and in our whitepaper below.

Loyalty programs can be a valuable asset in the marketing efforts of both small and large businesses and can significantly increase the lifetime value of customers. However, developing and managing a good loyalty program can be a challenging undertaking.

Digitizing and tokenizing loyalty programs can be a great solution for businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits that come from operating a loyalty program, while overcoming the challenges in designing and managing a loyalty program.

To help businesses in building and managing a successful loyalty program, the StableCoin as a Service solution also supports a loyalty program implementation. With the SCaaS solution, all participants of a loyalty program, including issuers, merchants, customers and auditors, interact within one system without compromising privacy or competitiveness. This enables all participants to benefit from the substantial improvements that the digitization of loyalty programs offer.

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Token Issuance & Management Platform

We provide a secure, compliant tokenization infrastructure, NEXUS. You can connect to NEXUS through our APIs.

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