“Utrecht (NL) – Bitfinex cryptocurrency trading platform and Quantoz subsidiary happyCOINS, a cryptocurrency brokerage service for consumers, have entered into a corporate agreement to offer instant payment methods to buy cryptocurrency in the Netherlands. With the agreement it will be possible for Bitfinex customers with intermediate level verification to obtain access to the happyCOINS fiat-to-crypto, euro denominated service.

Bitfinex is a pioneer in the digital token space, having carved out a reputation for delivering a high performance platform that delivers an impeccable trading experience. Offering the possibility to use instant payment methods greatly increases the speed and convenience to buy cryptocurrency in Euros. happyCOINS provides near instantaneous, trusted and secure methods to buy cryptocurrency in Euros that are automatically transferred to the user’s digital wallet.

Bitfinex Chief Executive Officer JL van der Velde

“This collaboration offers the possibility to buy digital tokens in euros instantly via customers’ preferred payment method,” said JL van der Velde, Chief Executive Officer at Bitfinex. “We always strive to improve our customer experience and we are looking forward to working together with happyCOINS to provide this service to our customers.”

HappyCOINS Chief Executive Officer Henri de Jong

“We are happy that Bitfinex customers in the Netherlands can use our trusted platform to buy cryptocurrency with Euros with the preferred instant method of payment.

The partnership with Bitfinex gives our customers more flexibility to trade in cryptocurrency on one of the largest and most trusted crypto trading platforms.”


No platform fees

No additional platform fees for Bitfinex account holders.

Easy to use

happyCOINS account will be created automatically.


The transaction is complete within seconds.

Payment options

All popular online instant payment methods.


Secure with your own online bank application.

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