Quantoz Technology B.V. is a software development company focused on creating cloud services that help businesses make use of the disruptive blockchain technology. We are searching for people with a keen interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, that want to get involved in the creation of an industry.

Our core products are NEXUS and QUASAR. QUASAR is a blockchain infrastructure that enables payments between businesses, people and machines. NEXUS is backend software that enables our partners to add cryptocurrency transactions (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash) to their business model.

Join Quantoz and move your career forward!

We are always looking for fresh minds. Check our job openings on this page or send us an open letter to lisanne@quantoz.com. There are always opportunities to match your ambitions with the opportunities that we know of in the industry.


As Technical Consultant, you are the linking pin between the sales and development teams. You are responsible for creating a successful client journey from the onboarding phase to the transfer to support. The job extends beyond implementing and configuring the NEXUS software for our clients.

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As senior software engineer, you are a driving force in the tech team. You will be responsible for the technical design and development of our internationally recognized software NEXUS and helping us run 24/7. In addition, you will have a leading role in custom implementation projects for clients. Another important part of the job is educating and mentoring your team members.

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You will work on our internationally recognized software NEXUS and QUASAR. We use C# and other .NET related technologies like ASP.NET MVC (Core) to program our API’s and web-based applications (if you F# |> <3, that’s OK).

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Are you majoring in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, or something similar? Would you like to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency? And would you like to develop your programming skills? Then an internship at Quantoz may be exactly what you are looking for.

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