Do you want to move to the industry of blockchain technology?

Quantoz Technology B.V. is a software development company focused on creating cloud services that help businesses make use of the disruptive blockchain technology. We are searching for people with a keen interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, that want to get involved in the creation of an industry.

Our core products are Nexus and Quasar. Quasar is a blockchain infrastructure that enables payments between businesses, people and machines. Nexus is backend software that enables our partners to add cryptocurrency transactions (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash) to their business model.

Join Quantoz and move your career forward!

We are always looking for fresh minds. Check our job openings on this page or send us an open letter to There are always opportunities to match your ambitions with the opportunities that we know of in the industry.

Current job openings

IT internship

Junior Software Developer

Junior System Administrator

Technical Consultant