Investor Relations

Quantoz is a multi-award winning blockchain technology solutions provider. We leverage knowledge, experience, technical capabilities and agile principles for use-case idea capture, market-model design, development & implementation. 

Our blockchain infrastructures are built for high performance processing, like (IoT) transactions and digital cash payments.

Our short to mid-term growth strategy is aimed at further developing our IP technology portfolio, along with increasing business development and sales capacity. For this we intend to onboard strong financial partners.

Latest News

Digital watermarks on the Quasar Ledger

How to secure a supply chain from counterfeiting and theft with digital certificates. The supply chain represents all the links involved in creating and distributing goods, from raw materials to the finished product. Customers and buyers have no reliable way to verify and validate the true value of the products and services they purchase because of the lack of transparency across the supply chain.

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